I have written and illustrated "The Adventures of Luna and Lucas" during the Covid lockdown, self-isolated in a spartan studio with a bohemian charm but no comforts.

It is a classic tale of exciting adventures, exotic locations, historical anecdotes and fascinating stories, but it also talks about friendship, love and the meaning of life.


A dark forest of tall pine trees is home to two very unlikely friends: Luna, a tiny bird with a golden crest, and Lucas, an equally tiny spring of crystal clear water.

Luna travels the world during her annual migration and, upon her return, she regales the inhabitants of the forest with fabulous stories, some possibly true but most of them probably invented.

Little by little, as Luna’s fantastic tales take hold of his imagination, Lucas’s habitual serenity gives way to an unfamiliar restlessness. He decides to leave his nest and undertake the adventure of his life.

Nothing will ever be the same…

The combination of the pandemic and my spine operation had one positive side effect - it forced me into two years of solitude, with more time to spare than I ever had before. 

I entertained myself with little flights of imagination, writing and drawing to my heart's content.

Whimsical pieces, like these watercolour illustrations.

I have three wonderful children: Maia (Czech), Carlos (Spanish) and Noriko (Japanese). I send them picture stories for every birthday - here is one that I made for Noriko's 18th, imaginary postcards from my travels.

My contribution to an exhibition ÉRASE UNA VEZ, COMIDA (ONCE UPON A TIME, FOOD), organised and curated by my partner Enrica Basilico, and inspired by George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM.